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Passion Led Us Here

Membership in the Sarasota Choral Society is open to anyone interested in choral singing. There are no age limitations. Currently, ages run from seven to the mid-eighties. No auditions are required and you don't even need to know how to read music - just bring your enthusiasm and commitment!

Singing in a community choir is an extremely rewarding experience. Music and in particular, singing has many psychological and emotional benefits to your well-being. Plus the personal impact of congregating with like-minded people in harmony is a very social and enriching affair. Offering up your joy and heart to the audience spreads happiness and peace to your fellow citizens, friends, family and the world in general.

Membership dues are just $25 per annum. Students sing for free!

- Due to our 3-year COVID hiatus, we are asking ALL members (old and new) to complete our New Member Registration Form below. This is to ensure that our database is up to date.

- Please continue to the Membership dues payment page HERE to pay your membership dues in advance of the first choir rehearsal.

New Member
Registration Form

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES/ NEEDS - Please check all that apply

Thank you for submitting your interest!

By your membership you agree to release The Sarasota Choral Society, Inc. and the Sarasota Choral Society Foundation, Inc. to use any video, images and/ or audio that may include your image and/ or voice obtained during Choral Society functions, for the purpose of fund-raising and publicity through release to the press, publication of any audio or video recordings, and inclusion in any websites or other media the Choral Society may produce without compensation.

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